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Study Guide To Business

Business is a very broad area that covers a large number of disciplines. If you are interested in a career in business, this guide will help you understand the options available and find a suitable course.

Business & Management

This broad range of disciplines will provide you with the skills required to organize, plan and operate businesses of all types and sizes. Because the skills are so broad, you will have a vast range of career options after you graduate, from running and managing start ups and small businesses to forging a career in large corporations and government institutions.

Accounting & Finance

These disciplines concern the monetary management of organisations of all types and sizes. Accountancy concerns the day to day flows of money in and out of the business and the preparation of statutory financial statements and reports. Finance is more concerned with forecasting and financial planning for the future. These disciplines are particularly well suited to students who have an interest in both business and mathematics.

Advertising, Marketing and PR

Advertising is about communicating a message to a target audience as effectively and efficiently as possible. Marketing includes some aspect of advertising but is a broader discipline, including market research, product planning and the analysis and reporting of results. Public Relations (PR) is about managing the way a company or brand is perceived in the marketplace.

Business & Commercial Law

Business law concerns the day to day legal aspects of running a company, in particular making sure that an organization abides by its legal obligations. These include employment law, environmental law, health & safety law, taxation regulations, terms and conditions and more. Commercial law is more concerned with the sale and distribution of goods in domestic and international markets. Disciplines include contract law, lawsuits, international trade and insurance.

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