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Accommodation Booking

Your student advisor will help you book safe and secure accommodation near to your place of study. This short guide explains the types of accommodation that are available. Availability depends on the course provider and study location.

On Campus Halls Of Residence

Universities provide a range of accommodation options, located either on campus or nearby. Facilities typically include a study bedroom with private bathroom, shared laundry facilities and on-site security. Other features usually include restaurant or kitchen facilities and shared social spaces.

This type of accommodation is perfect for:

  • Students who want to be sure their accommodation is arranged in advance before travelling to their study destination;
  • Students who want some independence, with the convenience of being located as close as possible to their place of study;


If you choose homestay, you will stay with a carefully selected family located as near as possible to your place of study. Accommodation includes your own study bedroom, with shared bathroom and laundry facilities. In most cases, breakfast and evening meals are included.

This option is perfect for:

  • Younger students needing a supportive family environment;
  • Students who want to practise their English and experience cultural immersion in their host country;

Private Accommodation

Many students choose to arrange their own accommodation privately, for example in a studio apartment or shared house. Some universities recommend letting agents through which this type of accommodation can be found.

This option is perfect for:

  • Students who want maximum independence;
  • Students who want a higher standard of accommodation than that offered by the university;
  • Students who apply late and are unable to find university accommodation;

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