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About This Course Provider

  • Location
    United Kingdom
    Town Centre
  • Progression
    University of Central Lancashire
  • Institution Type
    Modern University
    Career Oriented
  • Why Study Here?
    • Competitive accommodation rates and low cost of living.
    • Courses are career focused, with a strong emphasis on giving graduates the employability and enterprise skills needed to succeed in today's competitive jobs market.
    • Located in the heart of North West England - 50 minutes from Manchester and Liverpool and near to the Lake District National Park.

Courses Offered

Undergraduate Foundation Programme

Master's Foundation Programme

English Language Preparation Programme

Top Ranked Subjects at The University of Central Lancashire

The University of Central Lancashire ranks particularly well for the following subjects (United Kingdom ranking shown in brackets).

  • Journalism, Publishing & Public Relations (17)
  • Hospitality, Event Management & Tourism (24)
  • Sports Science (29)
  • Pharmacy & Pharmacology (31)
  • Accounting & Finance (35)
  • Building and Town & Country Planning (35)
  • Engineering: Electronic & Electrical (36)
  • Fashion & Textiles (36)


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