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Course Providers

Our website lists university pathways to more than 5,000 degree programmes in these countries!

Popular Study Destinations

United Kingdom

United States

University Pathway Courses

Guaranteed Routes To University Degrees

University Pathway Courses prepare international students for entry to universities in the the United Kingdom or United States. Our website lists 1,000s of progression routes to both undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes!

University Foundation Courses

Prepare international students for entry to the first year of an undergraduate degree.

International Year One

Equivalent to the first year of an undergraduate degree, these courses provide direct entry to the second year of selected degree programmes.

Pre-Master's Courses

For graduates who do not have the academic or English grades for direct entry to a master's degree, or who want to switch to certain subjects (e.g. business, law).

Academic English Courses

Improve your English grades to meet the English level required for entry to your chosen university course.

United Kingdom

  • Home to some of the World's oldest and best universities, including Oxford and Cambridge.
  • World class reputation for excellence in teaching & research.
  • Excellent value for money.
  • Highly international - almost 20% of students at UK universities are from overseas!
  • See a list of course providers we work with in the UK.

United States

  • The World's most popular study destination for International Students!
  • Over 4,000 universities from which to choose!
  • Highly flexible degree programmes, with the ability to transfer credits and delay choosing a major until later in the course.
  • See a list of course providers we work with in the USA.